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This organization shall be known as the Catalina 400/445 International Association, hereinafter referred to as the Association.


The Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the enjoyment of the ownership of Catalina 400 and Catalina 445 sailboats and to promote comraderie among their owners. In particular the Association will:

  1. Coordinate and promote cruising and social activities on local fleet and national levels.
  2. Promote and maintain the one-design characteristics of both the Catalina 400 and the Catalina 445 sailboats for all class and cruising activities.
  3. Provide a central information source for the maintenance and care of the Catalina 400 and Catalina 445.
  4. Cooperate with other yachting organizations.
  5. Promote safe boating through education.
  6. Provide subscriptions to the Catalina owners' magazine, known as MAINSHEET, to all Association members.

Governing Rules

This Constitution, its Bylaws and the One Design Racing Rules shall be the governing rules of this Association.


The Association shall have jurisdiction over all Catalina 400 class and Catalina 445 class activities. Its Constitution, Bylaws and One Design Racing Rules are binding upon all members and Association Fleets.

Prior to the elimination or deviation from any of the requirements set forth in this document, written permission must be obtained from the Commodore of the Association.

All disputes concerning the interpretation of the contents of this document shall be resolved by the governing body of the Association, and all such decisions shall be considered final.

The Association reserves the right to declare ineligible any member who does not conform to the spirit, as well as to the letter of this document.

The Association shall not be liable for any debt contracted by its Officers, Association Fleet Officers, or members other than the expenditures authorized by budget, or upon the written order of the Commodore of the Association.


A Catalina 400 owner or Catalina 445 owner may join the Association directly or through an established Association Fleet.

An Association Fleet is a regional unit, as designated by the Association, open to all eligible persons within its geographical area. The Association Fleet elects its own Officers which must include, as a minimum, a Fleet Captain and a Fleet Secretary/Treasurer. An Association Fleet is self-governing in all local matters not conflicting with the Association's Constitution, Bylaws, or One Design Racing Rules and has the authority to accept or reject applications for its own Association Fleet memberships.

Owners of Catalina 400 sailboats and/or Catalina 445 sailboats in geographical regions where no established Association Fleets currently exist may make application to the Treasurer of the Association to become an Unattached Member of the Association. Unattached members are encouraged to make application to the Commodore of the Association to form an Association Fleet.

Fleet Charters

The purpose of an Association Fleet is to foster and promote Catalina 400 class and/or Catalina 445 class activities at the local level and to encourage participation by the individual members of the Association Fleet.

A new Association Fleet, consisting of three or more Catalina 400 and/or Catalina 445 owners, may be chartered upon application to the Commodore of the Association. These owners must be members of the Association and the proposed new Association Fleet must not be located within the geographical region of any established and chartered Catalina 400 or Catalina 400/455 Association Fleet.

Association Fleet Charters may be granted, suspended or revoked by the Association Governing Board. It shall take a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Governing Board to suspend or revoke a charter. Charters can be suspended or revoked for the following reasons:

  1. Failure to maintain, in good standing, a membership of at least three Catalina 400 and/or Catalina 445 owners.
  2. Failure to file an Annual Report of Association Fleet members and dues.
  3. Failure to comply with the Association Constitution and Bylaws.

Suspended Association Fleet members and ineligible Catalina 400 and Catalina 445 sailboats shall be barred from participation in any of the Catalina 400 and Catalina 445 races and activities. They cannot be reinstated until they fulfill all of the Association's requirements.

The Association members, in good standing of a suspended Association Fleet which failed to maintain the minimum membership, shall be reclassified as Unattached Members until such time that their Association Fleet is reinstated.

Members of Association Fleets, which are suspended or revoked for reasons other than minimum membership, shall have their Association membership suspended until such time that their Association Fleet in reinstated.


Regular Member

A Regular Member is an owner or part owner of a Catalina 400 and/or a Catalina 445 sailboat. He/she has the following privileges:

  1. Holding Association and/or Association Fleet Office
  2. Voting
  3. Racing and membership in a Catalina 400/445 Association Fleet

Unattached Member

An Unattached Member is a person meeting all the membership requirements of a Regular Member except that he/she is not within any established Association Fleet geographical region. He/she is entitled to all the privileges of a Regular Member except for Association Fleet representation.

Associate Member

An Associate Member is a person who does not own or partially own a Catalina 400 or a Catalina 445 sailboat. This person does not have voting privileges and cannot hold Association or Association Fleet Office. But, he/she can command a Catalina 400 or a Catalina 445 sailboat in Association or Association Fleet sanctioned races.

Honorary Member

An Honorary member is a person selected by the Association who has an active interest in the welfare of the Catalina 400 and/or the Catalina 445 class. Honorary members cannot hold Association or Association Fleet Office, cannot vote and are not required to pay dues.

Governing Board


Nominations for Association Officers shall be submitted to the Governing Board before October 1st of each year. Association Officers are Commodore, Vice Commodore, Secretary and Treasurer. These Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of those members responding to an emailed ballot sent directly to them. Written responses to these emails must be mailed back to the Secretary of the Association by November 1st. On December 1st, the Secretary will count all ballots received and notify the Governing Board and elected officers by December 15th.


The Governing Board shall have the authority to enforce its decisions and to suspend Association Fleets and/or individual members. Regarding enforcement, each Association Officer is entitled to one vote.

Term of Office

Association Officers shall assume their duties January 1st and shall serve for 12 months. Vacancies shall be filled by appointment by the Commodore of the Association.

Governing Board

The Governing Board shall be comprised of Regular or Unattached Members in good standing who will fill the following offices and who shall perform the following duties:


Annual Meeting - An Annual Meeting of the Association will be considered desirable but, because of the distribution of members, holding this meeting can be optional. If held, it will be at some significant event such as the National Regatta, Catalina Rendezvous, Sailboat Show or Sail Expo where a significant number of members may already be attending.

Quorum - For the purposes of conducting the Annual Meeting of the Association, 10 members in good standing, representing at least three Association Fleets, shall constitute a quorum. However, until the Association has four established Association Fleets, a quorum will be 5 members in good standing and until the Association has two established Association Fleets, a quorum will be 3 members in good standing.


Each Catalina 400 and/or Catalina 445 member sailboat shall be entitled to cast one (1) vote, regardless of how many members share in the ownership of that particular sailboat.

Voting by Email will be permitted, with a maximum time of 30 days to return written and mailed ballots but, no proxies shall be allowed.


A proposed amendment to this Constitution must be approved by a majority of the Governing Board and must be presented in writing to the Commodore by at least three Regular Members, three Unattached Members or a combination thereof. To be adopted, amendments to this Constitution must be approved by a majority of the votes cast by Catalina 400 and/or Catalina 445 member sailboats either in person or by email. Mailed ballot returns must be received by the Secretary within 30 days of the receipt of emailed ballot requests

Amendments to the Bylaws or One Design Racing Rules must be approved by a majority vote of the Association Officers to be adopted.


Any Association Officer or member may be suspended or expelled from the Association by a two-thirds vote of the Association membership for conduct or action deemed prejudicial or injurious to the Association.


Association Events/Activities - Members and guests attending Association and Association Fleet activities shall agree to operate their sailboats in a safe manner at all times. The decision of whether or not to participate in an Association or Association Fleet event and/or activity and the decision whether or not to start or continue in an Association or Association Fleet event and/or activity is the sole responsibility of the Association Member and not that of any Association Officer, members of the Governing Board or any other person sponsoring or undertaking such events and/or activities. Association Members should inform all crew members and guests of their responsibility to sail safely. Association Members acknowledge that, for sanctioned Association and/or Association Fleet events/activities, alcoholic beverages may be available to crew members and guests and that if alcoholic beverages are consumed, crew members and guests consuming such beverages, will agree not to operate sailboats registered as members of the Association during those sanctioned Association and/or Association Fleet events/activities.

Annual Inspections - All Association Members agree to self inspect their Catalina 400 and/or Catalina 445 sailboats at least annually to insure that these sailboats meet or exceed all established and published United States Coast Guard safety standards.

National Championship Regatta and Annual Rally

National Championship Regatta - Each year, the Association may choose to organize, schedule and host a Regatta which would include a series of races to select the National Champion in the Catalina 400 Class and the National Champion in the Catalina 445 Class. The site and date of the Regatta shall be selected by the Governing Board. The various Association Fleets will be given the opportunity to host and sail in this event. Other rules and conditions will be detailed in the One Design Racing Rules of the Association.

Annual Rally - Each year, the Association may choose to organize, schedule and host a rally for all Catalina 400 and Catalina 445 sailboats. This, more than likely, would be a weekend event and would include numerous sailing related activities including a 'fun race' for all Rally participants. Details regarding the locations and dates for such rallies will be published in MAINSHEET and sent to all Association Members via email.